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    Valentine’s Day Hip-Hop Music To Enjoy Life To

    HypeFresh presents classic love songs that will have you reflecting on your love language. Know that understanding the way you and your partner’s approach to giving and receiving love may be different and that is alright! Check out what these artists had to say about love.

    2Pac Wants His Girl To Vocalize Her Needs

    2Pac invites the listener to question how the listener wants it and how the listener feels, but he also explains exactly how he feels. “I love the way you activate your hips and push your *** out!” “How do you want it? (Tell me) “How does it feel?”

    Kid Cudi and Kanye West Know Love Can Be Toxic

    Kid Cudi and Kanye West deliver a gentle reminder that loving someone else can sometimes be traumatic. “I keep on running, keep on running and nothing works/I can’t get away from you.”

    Rihanna Knows She’s The One To Be Desired

    Women can be fuckboys too! “But, baby, don’t get it twisted/You was just another ***** on the hit list.”

    Serani Isn’t Here For The Games

    “Love you, girl/Do you feel the same?/I don’t wanna play, games.” Me neither, Serani.

    Slum Village Wants You to Know Your Worth

    “Don’t sell yourself to fall in love/The things you do”. Love is not worth the cost.

    “DWYCK” Focuses on the Sweetness of Romance

    Nothing is as sweet as romance or lemonade, and “lemonade was a popular drink and it still is.”

    J. Cole Emphasizes That Love is Forever

    Love never dies and J. Cole says a real one never does either. His lyrical lines like the example are very romantic and he is a real one for that.  “And her *** fat, too fat for a flat screen/I’m the type of ***** make the whole ******* trap lean!”

    Mick Jenkins Yearns For His Lady’s Love

    “I want your love, love, love, love, love, love, love/I want to love you.” Mick Jenkins keeps it simple when stating what he wants: “I want your love, love,…”

    ScHoolboy Q and Kanye West List Specifications

    ScHoolboy Q raps with swag “Me, my girl got matchin’ bling… that part.” How cute!

     ‘Tis the Season for “Mercy”

    ‘Tis the Season for mercy. “Somethin’ ’bout Mary, she gone off that molly/Now the whole party is melting like Dalí!”
    Love is expressed more differently than it has ever been before.

    Ciara and Ludacris Remind Us That Love is Sensual

    “Oh” by Ciara and Ludacris break Valentine’s Day music down to the sexiest of syllables. Ludacris raps, “Run it back because the song is called–” and Ciara goes, “Oh!” Let us know what love songs from the playlist you vibe to with your partner!



    1. That “DWYCK” Video was filmed in Atlantic City on the beach & boardwalk. Old school. How cool!

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