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    Utah State Hunter Reynolds’s Brand On And Off The Field

    Utah State Hunter Reynolds’s journey has been a bit more than complex. Reynold has battled through his fair share of trials and tribulations dating back to high school. Many successful athletes tend to not take the path Reynolds has throughout their paths to stardom. However, even in the darkness, he was able to manage to pull out positives and build upon them. As of now, Reynolds has built a bit of a foundation for himself through multiple social media outlets. One day, he wishes to continue to grow into a conglomerate.

    Let’s start from the beginning

    Reynolds was born and raised in South Orange, New Jersey. He grew up in a small, diverse, suburb in northern New Jersey. Reynolds grew up experiencing many different cultures and groups of people that later worked in his favor. As he began to jump around the state and the country, he expressed that the transition became easier and easier due to his exposure to different people at a young age.

    Later, Reynolds’ football history will be discussed which will display his odd placements throughout the country. Many have struggled, moving so abruptly at a young age and adapting to new ways of life even if it’s temporary. Not Reynolds, he embraced it and he often searched for new experiences just to say “he tried it”. He grew up playing football, lacrosse, basketball, baseball, and soccer.

    He grew a liking to football simply because he enjoyed the game the most. Reynolds expressed that his teammates and coaches from football touched him more. While this is no disrespect to his other sports teammates, he felt a deeper connection towards his coaches Aaron Rolley and Darvin Bethea. This past year, a tragedy that touched many lives took place, and Reynolds wishes to carry his legacy throughout his daily life, as well as, on the field.

    Hunter Reynolds’s journey to Utah State

    Throughout middle school, Reynolds played for the Maplewood South Orange Packers, per source. He later was recruited by New Jersey legend, Greg Toal, and played at Don Bosco Prep. Bosco is usually ranked one of the best teams within the state let alone the country. He struggled mentally and physically at Bosco due to his lack of preparation. He came into Bosco at 5’3 and 150 lbs, he soon came to the realization this wasn’t going to cut it if he wanted to play on the biggest of stages. Reynolds question if he should transfer or not, he didn’t suit up until his senior year and played exceptionally well. However, the offers didn’t seem to come in or the ones that did, didn’t seem to interest him too much.

    Reynolds struggled with the pressure of playing under Toal and it affected his play dramatically.

    “People expect nothing but greatness, however, once I stepped back football is supposed to be fun and I have fun doing the pressure was lifted off my shoulders,” said Reynolds when asked about the pressure of Toal and how it affected his play. “Then I had fun while playing again and it made the stress easier to manage.”

    He then transferred to Choate Rosemary Hall in Wallingford, Connecticut. Reynolds was rewarded first-team all New England defense. When asked the biggest difference between Connecticut and New Jersey talent-wise, he responded by saying it’s fairly similar to people’s surprise. The biggest difference seemed to be within the depth of teams from the different regions.

    Hunter Reynolds finding his hobbies and passions within transitions

    As many understand, too much of anything can be detrimental to your mental health. Everyone should have their form of a getaway to clear their minds and relax. Hunter Reynolds found his within transitions from state to state and college to college. He found the liking of Tik Tok and Instagram. Reynolds has grown his fan base on all his platforms and helped create content for athletes, as well as, non-athletes. In the meantime when he’s not playing football, he tends to edit videos and come up with ideas for content for his audience.

    From his growing of Tik Tok, he’s been rewarded unique opportunities that he may not have been rewarded otherwise. His play on the field has elevated naturally, as well. The elevation of his play and the success of his team has helped his foundation grow even stronger. Thousands of players across the country voluntarily ask to be a part of his weekly “Drip or Skip” segment.

    He’s very pro-voice on athletes utilizing their platform. He believes they have a unique duty and opportunity several individuals have that if they don’t utilize they’re doing a disservice to their community and others. He understands the responsibility and power of his voice and wishes to use it for productive and progressive reasons.

    “As athletes, we have access to touch a bunch of people and there are thousand who look up to us and we should take that opportunity to benefit the message and the future,” said Reynolds.

    Reynolds journey to Utah State continues

    From Choate Rosemary Hall, Hunter has been rewarded an offer to Michigan University. He didn’t play much as a Wolverine; however, he did enjoy the experience and said he doesn’t regret playing for Michigan. He played with several New Jersey superstars and said it helped ease his transition going from Jersey to Connecticut and then to Michigan. Reynolds did play here and there but never consistently. He later transferred, to Utah State where he’s a graduate student.

    At Utah State, he’s one a bowl game and a championship title. Hunter Reynolds is finally seeing the fruit of his labor and he expressed how grateful he was and regretted nothing throughout the process. Many wondered, how did Reynolds maintain his composure and sanity throughout the entire process where he was doubted for the majority of his career.

    Reynolds emphasized: “Control the controllables”.

    He offered some advice towards the end of the interview, by expressing how things may not always go one’s way or exactly how one’s planned. However, this doesn’t mean it’s not feasible or still obtainable. He said he prayed and manifested many of what is transpiring at this moment. Reynolds also explained he could have never foretold or predicted that his dreams and goals would come to fruition like this.




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