Usher Drops His 8th Album “Hard II Love”

Hard II Love

Every now and then, in the music industry we come across talented individuals that are able to portray in detail their own life experiences. Regardless if it’s random rendezvous with numerous women, to losing a love one, being able to make the audience feel your pain is priceless. Usher is one of the seldom artist that paints the canvas whole, and leaves little to no room for second guessing. Once again Usher looks to deliver another priceless piece of art to the masses.

Usher recently released his eighth solo studio with little to none speculation, if his ongoing love chronicles is something that we are still interested in. The album called “Hard II Love” provides a similar feel to his 2004 album classic “Confessions”. During his run of numerous hits off the “Confessions” album, Usher managed to answer several questions surrounding his love life including previous relationship with Chili from TLC.  The album turned out to be his best selling album to date.

The A-town native continues to help uphold the mantle for true R&B, which recently has taken a hit with the new wave of less than desirable R&B music. Usher’s originality, theme, and overall concept helps to establish a firm sound throughout the entirety of the album. Usher continues to provide high pitch melodies, falsetto hooks, and a style of his own that separates him from the likes of Trey Songz, and Chris Brown. With the release of this album his catalog of hits will continue to grow with singles from this album.

Usher’s album is now available on Apple Music.


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