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    K-Victoria Gives A Seductive Offering On “DJ MY Body”

    Once R&B pop artist K-Victoria sets her mind on something, she’ll stop at nothing to achieve that goal. The US Virginia Islander, now based in L.A, wants her name in lights. She’s already well on her way to stardom, after dropping mega hits like “Visions-When I Think Of You.” There’s no doubt that K-Victoria has an abundant supply of confidence, not only in herself but also her music. Her connection to music is tangible, demanding attention from audiences, whether on stage or over the radio.

    Additionally, she’s had two hit #1 singles make it on to the Top Network Caribbean Countdown for 15 weeks straight. She’s even performed at the Apollo Theater twice in a row. Furthermore, K-Victoria’s skills have taken her to new heights in the R&B scene. She’s had the pleasure of working with big time artists like Wyclef John, Maxie Priest and Gyptian. When it comes to putting out great music, K-Victoria never fails.

    Recently, the R&B Pop artist put out her latest track “DJ My Body.” K-Victoria initially dropped the song in Toronto, Canada at the Toronto International Film Festival. On the track, the audiences will be captivated by the singer’s sultry yet pop-infused sound of the song. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

                K-Victoria Will Blow Your Mind

    Only a handful of new artists can successfully make it to the top. The road to stardom isn’t easy for most people, only those with grit survive. Clearly, K-Victoria has put hours of hardwork into her music. Furthermore, her song “DJ My Body” comes off as just another seductive, dance anthem. Though, audiences immediately fall under the spell of K-Victoria’s voice on the song, which is full of passion. The mix of melody, piano keys and the lyrics craft a nice finish to the song. Moreover, the upcoming R&B artist definitely has much to offer listeners.

    K-Victoria Deserves A Seat At The Table



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    K Victoria may be just finding her groove in the music world. Though, she has huge goals set for herself. Her biggest goal is to become a role model for young women, and “prove to them that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.” As a former Miss World contestant winner, K-Victoria makes the impossible possible for women everywhere. Furthermore, she promises new music in the coming weeks and that she’s coming for the crown. Be sure to listen to music by the R&B Pop singer K-Victoria.








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