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    US Veteran Who Received The World’s First Penis Transplant

    US Veteran receives worlds first penis transplant!

    The US Navy veteran receives the world’s first penis transplant. This is back in 2018 after suffering devastating injuries during an explosion in Afghanistan.

    Ray, who was in his 30s was tending to wounded soldiers during an ambush by the Taliban.

    He lost both his legs, genitals, and part of his abdominal wall and was forced to learn how to walk on prosthetic legs after the tragic accident, The Daily Mail reports.

    18 months ago, doctors in Baltimore gave Ray a penis and scrotum transplant from a deceased donor. The survey took 14-hour to complete.

    Speaking out for the first time since his 2018 surgery, the soldier revealed he even contemplated suicide. But, thanks to his life-changing procedure, Ray said he has almost regained full sensation in his new penis and is able to get an erection and urinate. Ray said it was the procedure was the best decision I ever made.”

    Ray had to wait two days after surgery before he seeing his transplant for this first time, describing it as “swollen” and needing to heal.

    “In the back of your mind, you know this is a transplant…”

    “…and you wonder if it’s going to be too much for you to handle. Once I went through with the surgery, all of those concerns just went away,” he said.

    It was noted that there had only been four penis transplants before Ray’s – the first was in China in 2006 which was unsuccessful, The Daily Mail reports.

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