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Upset Dad Shows Up to Child’s School with AK-47

One dad was ready to blast a couple of heads off for messing with his son.

Christopher Freeman, 27, came to his son’s school with a loaded AK-47 Mini Draco pistol. According to police, Freeman arrived to Bear Lakes Middle School in West Palm Beach, Florida after receiving a disturbing phone call from his son. Freeman reports that his son called him crying, via FaceTime. Shortly after the call begun, Freeman says his son was slammed to the floor by a teacher, causing the phone to go flying from his hand.

A school officer on duty that day says they spotted Freeman roaming school grounds, while in a wheelchair, and with the gun sticking from out of his pants. The police report states that the father exhibited an attitude.

“Freeman was visibly upset and was yelling and screaming ‘you’re going to need more than what you got because of what I got.”

“He also said ‘I want to see the guy who slammed my son. I’ve got something for him.'”

Since the incident, Freeman has been taken into custody. He is being charged with possession of a firearm on school grounds, aggravated assault with a weapon and disrupting the peace. When asked why he did it, Freeman says that he was concerned about his child’s well being. He also claims he wasn’t aware that he was carrying a firearm.

Unfortunately, the judge is not buying it. The dad is currently being held on a $75,000 bond, his next court appearance is April 4. Until then, Freeman is sticking to his innocence. His attorney states the situation was a misunderstanding, and that his client plans to plead not guilty.

Thoughts? Did Christopher Freeman overreact? What would you have done? Share your feedback below.

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