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    Upcoming South Florida Rap Artist Broke2x Is Powerhousing His Way Into The Industry


    South-Florida based rap artist, Broke, was born and raised in Boynton Beach, FL. After the passing of his father in 2012 and in remembrance of his father’s legacy as a rapper, Broke took on his father’s name as his artist stage name. Ever since he was young, Broke always had the remarkable talent to rap naturally expressed in his genes.

    Honing into his sound, he took to the studio where he refined his talent to become the upcoming artist he is today. Inspired by what he sees, Broke raps about the environment embraced around him. Influenced by Young Boy, Broke harmonizes with mood captivating the listener with a gelling beat. Through his music, Broke aims for his listeners to grow and evolve to achieve success.

    Continuing to pursue his musical career, Broke released his 2021 freshman single “Slidin”. In the single, Broke immerses his listeners into his own settled back street life leaving his audience tranquil and mellow. With the success of his freshman single, Broke is preparing to continue monthly releases and to start his own label in the future.

    As this emcee continues to push his passion into a reality, one thing that cannot he denied is his raw talent.



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