Model To Watch : Jessica Austin

Model To Watch Jessica Austin

We’ve all seen and heard of young models on the beaches of Copacabana getting scouted arbitrarily by big name modeling agencies. But, what about the lowly county kids that always had dreams of being a supermodel? We rarely hear about kids from the county having aspirations of being a model, or even more hearing about them being indulged into the modeling industry. You mostly see the aesthetic of those kids either going to school, being preppy, and not having a heavy urban appeal. But, you always have that one black sheep.

Jessica Austin is an arising fashion model, from Cheltenham, PA, USA, whose aspirations for being a model has been evident in her work since she was 13 years old. In an interview with Jessica, she tells that she’s always been interested in modeling; and as many young black girls, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, and Iman Hammam were main contributors to her early exposure to modeling as a child. She grew up watching America’s Next Top Model, and saw how women of color can be portrayed as beautiful, and reach the levels in which they have reached (being supermodels), was a main factor in which Jessica was drawn in by. It wasn’t until she was 13 until she started to indulge herself into the modeling industry. At that time she went to New York for a few casting calls, and soon after she got a multitude of promotional shows and photo shoots with upcoming New York photographer and designers such as Yvonne and Randy Spoons. With commencing her work in the industry with photoshoots and shows with such designers at a young age, it reinforced her love for modeling as she got older.

Jessica is a current sophomore at Montgomery County Community College, trying to gain a degree in Environmental Science, and before she was a full time student at Cheltenham High School. School has always been a main factor within Jessica’s life, so for some time modeling had to cease in being a forefront of her concerns. Also, she wasn’t the richest kid, so she had to balance a job at a food restaurant called Blue Heaven.

She told me, “ I was broke, and my mom wasn’t going to give me the money that I wanted, so I had to go out and make it.

Though Jessica had setbacks from her love of modeling, it never really hindered Jessica from exploring into her favorite activity. While in high school, she tells that some of her classmates were artist of there own.

“My friend Kyshan Wooten was my main photographer. My other friends Ashley and Molina made a clothing brand called ‘HxM’, and I also had other friends at school that was interested in modeling as well. I helped a lot of my friends with their portfolios at school. So doing so, kept me in front of the camera some way.”

As of now, Jessica is still focused on her studies being a science major at college, but she’s always doing work around for local designers and photographers; most recently VonGeeFly.

“ I love fashion, there isn’t a type of fashion in my opinion that isn’t wonderful. Now the prices are questionable. I have yet to find an agency, but I plan to continue the search.”

Jessica is an incredible model, and her overall chocolate aesthetic is something to ponder over every time you see her 5’9” inches of melanin captured within a rich photo, or even in a regular snapchat selfie. As she continues expand herself in the model industry, any agency would be smart, and sign her ASAP.


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