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    Univ. Pittsburgh Star Dior Johnson Facing Assault Charges

    Last month, the University of Pittsburgh’s highly recruited star player Dior Johnson was charged with assaulting a woman in his apartment, according to the Pittsburgh police report.

    The 18-year-old is facing two charges (both variations of assault). Along with unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, strangulation and just being connected to the incident. As many would hope, the University of Pittsburgh attempts to get in front of the entire incident. The longer they stay away from it the bigger the issue grows. Ultimately, making their University as a whole look bad can have serious repercussions going forward. 

    Therefore, they released a statement addressing Johnson’s future with the program.

    “University of Pittsburgh men’s basketball student-athlete Dior Johnson has been indefinitely suspended from all team activities pending the resolution of legal charges filed against him. The Pitt Athletic Department, which became aware of the charges Friday afternoon, will decline further comment until the legal process has reached a resolution.”

    How Does the Victim Feel Towards Dior Johnson and the University of Pitt?

    While the victim of the incident has yet to be identified, they did in fact leave a response via email. Based on the report, it appears Johnson began to grow extremely angry towards her for getting him, as well as, his phone wet. This led to physical harm, “slapped her across the face ‘full force”. Naturally, this caused her face to be red and puffy, however, he later took her phone. Leaving the apartment with the phone, he then returned hours later and gave her the phone back.

    Prior to the incident getting physical, an argument began and lasted for several hours between the two involved. According to the reports, once he began to grow angry he took tons of frustration out on the poor woman.

    “Continued to hit her multiple times in the arms, head, and stomach, making her throw up twice. Johnson attempted to call off from practice (it should be noted that Johnson is a basketball player on the University of Pittsburgh basketball team) because he did not want to leave her alone for fear that she would leave the apartment and call 911”


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