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    REC Philly Presents Underground POV [email protected] Open Space

    Known for being donned the “Creative Incubators” in the Philadelphia event scene, REC Philly is back to present their 11th installment to their creative art showcase Underground POV. Housed at Open Space in Northern Liberties, this gala is expected to have a impactful turnout. UPOV11 features rising expressionalists such as Photographers, Painters, Visual Artists as well as graphic design. In that lineup includes Shawn Theodore, A Brilliant Dummy, CFANELLI Design, Jim Borio, Timothy Caison & Tagvision.

    But wait, there’s more.

    What better blend of Art if not with music? Special live indie performers include Kev Rodgers, Lotus and Davon.

    Throw in sponsorship from Saranac Brewing Company.. food, brew, music and art. The perfect quad-fecta. Be sure to RSVP for this special presentation of an evening. Bring a friend, girl/boyfriend or spouse and enjoy the vibes provided by the geniuses of REC Philly. The official flyer below for additional details.

    RSVP Here:


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