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Uncle Murda Eludes To Tekashi’s Bootyhole Not Being Safe!!

Uncle Murda just dropped a bomb!!

For the last several months it’s been nothing but bad news for the self-proclaimed “King of New York” rapper Tekashi. It’s been nothing short of a soap opera when it comes to what he’s been through. The rapper started gaining a buzz back in 2017, and since then has been tripping. Things came to an end once after several different law enforcement agencies had a strong case on the gang member.

At the start of the year, it was confirmed that Tekashi69 was pillow talking with the feds. Once word got out, it was only a matter of time before the rapper started singing. There are plenty of questions regarding how Tekashi could talk himself out of no jail time. At the moment plenty of former associates have plenty to worry about. He even admitted that he offered $20K to get Chief Keef ass put in a box. Since then plenty of rappers have come at 69 calling him fake and unreal.

Now Uncle Murda is next in line to come at the nuisance known as Tekashi. The rapper has created a diss song that is expected to drop shortly. From the start of the record, Unc goes in on the rainbow hair rapper. He even claims that it’s only a matter of time until inmate goes up in Tekashi’s bootyhole.

Will Tekashi’s bootyhole be safe in jail? Will Tekashi ever get out? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

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[…] ears when the news got out that the ” rapper was working with authorities. Last week Uncle Murda eluded to Tekashi’s bootyhole not being safe.  It seems like Offset is trying to express the same […]

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