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    Un Verano Sin Ti Tour Starts In Puerto Rico This Summer

    From one of his most anticipated albums, Bad Bunny announced he’ll be doing a series of concerts in Puerto Rico to start off his world tour. Bad Bunny will bring ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’ for the first time ever in Puerto Rico on July 28-30.

    But there’s a catch when it came to purchasing the tickets, only one person can be at the Coliseum José Miguel Agrelot. The sale of the tickets officially began last Saturday but lines started as early as Thursday morning. This is where all the chaos began. At 6 in the morning, most of the young population came with chairs, and backpacks long before the sale started. All of them were determined to stay put until it was time.

    The funny thing is the first to arrive last Wednesday received tickets for free. Later on, the production of the event announced the rules of the line and clarified no shift changes will be allowed. The buying of the tickets occurred inside the premises. With a limit of four tickets per person.

    Busy Lines

    via NotiCel

    While thousands of fans gathered throughout the production of the concerts, everything was clear.

    “The official line starts on Friday, July 8th at 10:00 am. The people who arrive earlier than that date will not be accounted for in the official line.” The public was able to bring food and water to the line but no portable fridges. No relays during the queue said the production.”

    On the other side, to be able and buy tickets on the premises, fans should present evidence of vaccination against COVID-19 or have a negative PCR test, and, or an antigen test within 72 hours or less. No at home test results allowed for entry and masks are a must.

    ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’ Completely Sold Out

    With a capacity of 18,500, the ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’ went completely sold out by 4 in the afternoon the same day.

    “A sale for history”, said the coordinators of the concert. Bad Bunny could even break Metallica’s records for more attendees.

    Moreover, fans were hopeful Bad Bunny would announce a third date. They they would stay in line. Prior to the general ticket sale, they allowed disabled and pregnant people to enter the premises through an exclusive queue. Concert goers were informed that they had 15 minutes to purchase tickets through an exclusive barcode.

    Bad Bunny is grateful for the people who got their tickets and that ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’ sold out, he even tweeted his own gratitude.

    To the people who manage to buy tickets, from now on I say thank you and congratulations!! ❤️ We’re going to have a great time!!

    To the people who stayed out, don’t worry, nothing happens…

    all of PUERTO RICO will be able to enjoy this concert 🙂 🇵🇷


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