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    UK-Artist Ibbz Awan Values Making Music With Emotion Over Numbers

    With an ambitious vision and musical talent to accompany it, Ibbz Awan is one of West London’s finest artists. Chipping away at the music scene for the past two years, Ibbz Awan, real name Ibrahim Awan, is breaking through the barriers with his sound.

    A skilful rapper, Awan creates music based on his personal life. Raised in difficult circumstances, Ibbz Awan is ready to leave behind the negativity and move forward, breaking the stigma of being a young Muslim man with a passion for music. Born into a community where music is frowned upon, Ibbz Awan is on a mission to make positive changes and produce impactful results not just for himself, but to also open doors for the younger generation within his community.

    Ibbz Awan has dedicated much of his time to community and charity work, funded financially out of his own pocket, all in honour of his late mother and sister. Turning this sorrowful story around, Awan believes life is too short and that we should never stop chasing our destiny. His turbulent past has led him to this moment, and he has overcome obstacles to create a name for himself in the music industry.

    Ibbz Awan’s goal is to be recognised as a UK artist, collaborating with international artists and producers to build a global community that focuses on the connection of music. His latest release ‘London to Beirut,’ released in mid-September, has already reached 47,000 views on YouTube alone, while his popular release ‘Don’t You Know’ has accumulated 168,000 views.

    But the music isn’t purely about numbers, Ibbz Awan wants to make music with emotion that people can relate to, while representing his Pakistani-Persian heritage.


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