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    UFC Dana White Spills The Beans About Tom Brady And The Raiders

    The UFC owner Dana White spills the beans about the dealings between the Las Vegas Raiders and Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. In a different world, the Raiders could have had Brady and Gronk partnered up with a talented roster. While two seasons ago, Brady and the Buccaneers beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl in dominating fashion. Essentially, former Raiders coach Jon Gruden is responsible for both of the Tampa bay Buccaneers’ championships. 

    Raiders owner Mark Davis chimed in on the topic as Dana White and Rob Gronkowski went viral on Twitter. Davis was at a WNBA playoff game on Saturday, so it’s fair to say he wasn’t aware of the stream happening at the time. Nonetheless, Davis became aware of this during the event. White explained how he helped with a deal to attempt to secure Brady and Gronk coming to Las Vegas during the 2020 season, as reported by Josh Alper for NBC Sports.

    Raiders Missing out on Tom Brady

    White emphasized how close the deal was to completion with securing Gronk and Brady. However, Gruden apparently blew the deal up within the last hours of its completion and altered history forever.

    “It was almost a done deal,” White emphasized.

    Naturally, Davis was asked about the entire situation and he doesn’t recall much of it. However, he remembers the talks and discussions but seems oddly unfamiliar with the details.

    “I heard about [White’s comments],” Davis said, via the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “That was what — two to three years ago or something? I don’t know, man. Talk to Dana. I remember that Tom Brady went to Tampa Bay. That’s basically what I remember. I have no idea. Dana has the stories. I love Dana. He is a great, great promoter. Why would this make me upset? I was busy watching [the Raiders beat Miami 15-13] and the basketball game.”

    One imagines that the owner of a football team with a chance to acquire players like Brady and Gronkowski would be aware of how things played out and Gronkowski confirmed the story during the telecast. Gruden did not respond to questions from the paper and there’s no mention of any attempt to contact former General Manager Mike Mayock about the story, so details about how things failed to materialize on the Raider’s side will likely remain scarce for the time being.

    Why is This Such a Big Deal?

    During the Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James’ show, The Shop, he spoke badly about a quarterback and coach who didn’t want to pull the trigger on signing him. At the time, nobody knew who he was referring to but with this latest news break, many believe he was referring to Raiders QB Derek Carr.


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