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    UConn Women’s Star Azzi Fudd, Warriors Steph Curry Join Forces

    Future Hall of Famer Steph Curry has joined forces with UConn Women’s star Azzi Fudd. She has officially become his “Splash Sister”. Curry is bringing the UConn freshman basketball player into his SC30 brand. He’s attempting to build her in a unique, wide-ranging partnership that will guide and support her success both on and off the court. As one of the nation’s top recruits, she continues to build her college career. Steph Curry wants to help build her a multidimensional name and image.

    The reigning NBA scoring champion, with two young daughters, wants to elevate women athletes in general and do more to help the game. In 2018, Fudd participated in Curry’s camp. She was one of the only two women invited to play. However, she and Curry continued to build upon this relationship after the camp was over. Fudd motivated him to run an all-girls camp that summer to give them the same opportunities that boys have.

    Curry plans to personally mentor the young lady as she balances school, basketball, and demands being faced by being considered the face for female athletes. He wants to help Fudd show the world who she truly is by revealing her passions and personality. He also wants to provide her with a platform and financial backing to share her ideas and values going forward.

    “Azzi Fudd is the best choice to start a brand relationship like this because she is the next face of women’s basketball and has been a part of SC30 Inc. and the Curry Brand family since she was an invitee to the All-American Camp,” Curry said.

    Steph Curry vision for Azzi Fudd

    The opportunities seem endless for Fudd to sign this latest deal. Curry is hoping to give her chances to host and attend events and be a part of new brand opportunities. He also wishes to deliver her personal social impact initiatives. As well as, be a part of some that may Curry family may hold dear to their hearts.

    “Our values are aligned when it comes to family, and in terms of hard work and for the appreciation of blessings in your life,” Curry said. “For me, this is the right time because I have identified the platforms that I have, aligning purpose over profit, and the ability to collaborate with the right partners for the right opportunities. I want to be able to unlock that for Azzi, and for other talented athletes and influencers that see the world the same way I do. It is my hope that we can inspire the next generation of athletes and non-athletes who want to do amazing things.”

    “Since I first met Steph at his camp a few years ago, I’ve stayed connected to him and have always admired his incredible talent and accomplishments, but also his humility and the impact he has on people,” Fudd said. “As I continue to focus on becoming the best player and student I can be while in college, I also look forward to broadening my understanding of business and life beyond basketball. This partnership with Steph and his SC30 team will help me do that. I’m really excited about everything we’ll do together in the future.”


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