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    Tyrese Pleads For Prayers Regarding Mom’s Health

    Tyrese Gibson Takes to Social Media, Asks for Prayers

    Actor and singer, Tyrese makes an emotional plea to fans, friends, and family. He didn’t specify the exact state of his mother’s health. However, Gibson simply asks for genuine prayers, not simple responses with praying emojis.

    “Pray for my mother…Prayer warriors? If you are looking at this post right now, please pray for my mother. Please not with just emojis. Please, actually pray…sincerely,” said Tyrese.

    His Mother’s History of Overcoming Addiction

    Back in 2017, Tyrese bought his mom a house as a gift. It was to commend her for 11 years of sobriety. The singer made comments in the past about the effect his mother’s addiction had on his upbringing. 

    It has been reported that his mother, Priscilla isn’t doing too well. She’s fighting for her life on the ventilator right now. It has been approximately two days.

    Gibson posted an appeal for prayers along with a photo of him holding her hand, saying, “Praying over every breath she takes….. Our family needs you like never before….. Our beloved mother – she’s all we have… #PrayerWarriors we welcome your most sincere prayers….”

    Furthermore, Gibson humbly asks for mercy. He wants a miracle to occur on his mother’s behalf.

    “If there’s an award in heaven for forgiveness, having compassion towards those who have broke your heart and let you down over and over and over again…I hope God doesn’t skip over me.”

    Tyrese’s Last Public Appearance with His Mother 

    Gibson and his mother made an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show in honor of Mother’s Day in 2000. During their chat with Oprah, they expressed how hard it was living in Watts, Calif.

    After his father, Tyrone Gibson, left the family, Priscilla raised 4 kids – Tyrese and his three siblings as a single mother. Prayers up for Ms. Priscilla. 


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