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    Tyler, The Creator Boasts Over His Grammy Win For Best Rap Album

    The 64th Grammys offered moments of comedic relief and a few surprises . One of them involved Tyler, The Creator taking home the win for The Best Rap Album. Moreover, the eccentric rap star took to social media to boast over his huge win. He even called out his arch nemesis DJ Khaled for being a hater. Pretty sure the genius rapper was feeling himself at the Grammys.

    The Igor Rapper Brags About His Grammy Win

    Best Rap Album
    via People

    The Grammys don’t always give revolutionary artists the flowers they deserve. Rap stars such as Nicki Minaj and The Weekend have been slighted by the Recording Music Academy on several occasions. This year, Kanye West was removed from the attendee list altogether .

    However, the Grammys might have gotten it right after awarding Tyler, The Creator the Best Rap Album for Call Me If You Get Lost. Furthermore, the NY rapper went on Instagram Livestream to brag about his huge Grammy win. Rather than talking about his own rap prowess, he started off thanking DJ Drama, who produced the entire album.

    “First off, I’m hyped. Thank you to DJ Drama . You are f**king so important to rap music… Thank you to all of my friends for being my cheerleaders. Thank you to my whole team, the whole squad.”

    Clearly, Tyler loves to share his glory with his famous friends.

                  Tyler, The Creator Roasts DJ Khaled

    Best Rap Album
    via The Xplorion

    Speaking of basking in his glory, Tyler, The Creator also “thanked” his arch nemesis for the success of his 2021 album.

    In the Instagram Livestream, he continued with “I know you’re seething and angry and saying, ‘Ugh, no one listens to that album!’ These arena tours that are selling out say different, and if you put that much energy into something, maybe everyone will be proud of you too.”

    DJ Khaled may be feeling the burn right now but at least, Tyler killed him with kindness.


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