Tyga Says Label Issues Affected ‘The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty’ Sales

Tyga Says

Tyga’s first week album sales aren’t too great.

The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty only sold 2,200 albums in its first week, as it brought in below average reviews as well.

The Cash Money rapper blames his label status as the primary reason for his flop and stresses that his intentions were to release it for free streaming.

This might be true but one would expect that his sales would be a little more acceptable given his star power.

This is also a disappointment due to a rookie Troy Ave’s Major Without A Deal only selling 4,373 copies in its first week.

Tyga went to Twitter this morning to defend his situation to the public saying: I put it out for free on spotify last tues. the whole purpose was to stream it.Kuz label problems. Got millions of streams,”

However, Tyga’s official sells beat out Troy’s due to the album’s streams which are at about 4 million, equaling about 2,667 album sales via Spotify added to his official sales. (according to Complex).

Check out the tweets below.


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