Ty Dolla $ign Better Stay Clean Or Else Prosecutors Will Throw His Ass In Jail

Ty Dolla $ign prosecutors

Ty Dolla $ign may have a way out.

The entertainer may have just found a way to avoid some serious jail time. Ty has come to deal with the prosecutor regarding his drug possession in Georgia. Last week prosecutors agreed that if Ty Dolla $ign he completes a pretrial program charges would be waived. In addition, he will have to enter an online drug prevention program, staying clean from weed and pharmaceutical drugs.

If completed both felonies are removed from his record. The overall program usually lasts up to 13 weeks. Furthermore, he would also be required to do a random drug test.Last year while in Atlanta for his “Endless Summer Tour”, he was pulled over with marijuana and cocaine in his presence. Overall, possession could have place Ty Dolla $ign with TekashiLast year Mariah teamed up with Ty Dolla $ign on Fallonfor a performance on the Fallon show.

Did the prosecutors give Ty Dolla $ign a break? Will he be able to stay clean?



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