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    In Philadelphia, Two Children Shot Over The Weekend!

    A 2-year-old girl loses her life and an 11-month-old boy is in bad condition from being shot in Philadelphia!

    It is beyond the point we have to say things are getting out of control. However, that’s exactly what it is after a 2-year-old and 11-month old was shot this weekend in Philadelphia.

    According to WPVI Philadelphia, the children were shot in two separate incidents in less than 24 hours. The first shooting involving the 11-month old boy occurred Saturday in the hunting park section of North Philadelphia. The boy was riding in the car with his step-mother when shots rang out. The step-mother heard the shots but didn’t realize that the car and the baby both had been shot.

    The boy is currently in critical condition after being shot 4 times, once in the head and chest and twice in the buttocks.

    In the second shooting, The 2-year-old was shot while inside a home on the 3300 block of water street. The baby was being held by her 24-year-old mother when shots rang out. One bullet struck the baby in the back of the head while the mother was struck once on the side of her head and once in the back.  The baby died from her wound and the mother is listed in stable condition.

    A third person, a male contractor who was in the house at the time was also shot once in the stomach and is listed in critical condition. The targeting of the house for the shooting may be related to another shooting that occurred earlier.

    The shooting’s culture in Philadelphia is really despicable at this point. No one condones shooting of any sort. However, there was a time when there were rules on the street that protected women and children. Those rules allowed for some sort of order in the streets. Now it just recklessness and no one is safe.

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    Featured Image Credit: WBAP


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