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    Twitter Locked Ice Cube’s Account, Why Not Trump’s?

    Ice Cube’s twitter was locked after some felt they were “Anti-Semitic,” but Trump’s tweets have been accused of that and worse.

    Hip-Hop legend Ice Cube shared a picture on his twitter account showing fans the platform had locked him out. After some of his recent tweets were called “anti-Semitic,”  Cube has faced backlash, even from the “politically neutral” website.

    “Mr. Twitter doesn’t lock my account just because I dropping jewels on the people.” said the former NWA rapper.

    Ice Cube first got into trouble when he was on his “black Hebrew Israelite” wave and was posting related materiel. Anyone not familiar with the black Hebrew Israelite should know they are a sect on African Americans who claim to be a lost tribe of Israel. The group uses a mixture of biblical and historical text to argue their point but must pundits write them off as conspiracy theorists.


    Once his tweets started spreading online, fans, entertainers, and political pundits alike began to condemn the Friday star.

    Whether or not his tweets are Anti-semitic or not, a man credited with writing “F**K the police” should not be held to higher standards than the President. That is no slight to O’shea Jackson the man, who has been nothing but a tremendous example of the American Dream. However, Mr. Jackson doesn’t currently hold any public offices, so if he says controversial things, it should be of less surprise.

    On the contrary, when the President of the United States continually uses a platform to spread, hate, fear, and separation, that is surprising and alarming. Donald Trump’s tweets can influence the entire nation because of his position. Ice Cube is a talented person but simply put he is not the President.

    Fans online immediately called for twitter to take some action when a man with 5.4 million followers said something offensive. While every day, Trump’s tweets to his over 80 million followers racist, bigoted, sexist, and downright offense material.

    White privilege, presidential privilege, whatever it is it’s wrong.

    What do you guys think of Ice Cube’s Twitter account being locked?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



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