Twitter Will Soon Stop Counting Links & Images Toward a Tweet’s 140-Character Limit

Twitter Will Soon Stop

Twitter, it’s about darn time.

The infamous 140-character limit has now been granted a new exception. Staff at Twitter believe that link characters, including images shouldn’t take up space for what people have to say. And we would have to agree with them, it was annoying. Sometimes, when our HYPEFRESH staff goes to post on Twitter’s platform, it can be a hassle. Titles have to be shortened, sentences sometimes fragmented – just to attempt getting the point across. And that can be time consuming and in-effective.

Back in January of 16′ rumors hit the net that Jack Dorsey was dropping the 140 character limitation, and expanding it to a whopping 10,000. However, that idea was shut down entirely and we’re all stuck back with a mere 140. What caused the sudden change up? Some embraced the idea… Some hated it. We’re pretty sure some internal source convinced Jack Dorsey not to move forward with that plan.

According to Bloomberg, this change is expected to happen within the next few weeks, and will free up things for its users. Including our staff. Yay! Links take up 23 characters, even after Twitter shortens the links. Thankfully, we won’t have this issue any more.


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