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    Twitter Doesn’t Give A F*ck If You’re President Trump Or Not! You Must Follow The Rules!

    Lol, Trump is at it again, but this time Twitter is putting him in time out!

    Trump recently tweeted something that went against Twitter’s rules.

    For the normal social media user who violates Twitter’s rules are different. You could be at risk of getting your tweet deleted or have your account taken down.

    However, if you are the president Trump, none of that will actually happen.
    If he tweets something that rubs social media users the wrong way, he will be able to have a “warning label” on his post rather than having it deleted from his page, according to Hollywood Unlocked.
    Trump isn’t the only one who will be able to use this feature. According to Buzzfeed, other politicians and world leaders will be able to use this.

    Twitter introduced this new policy for tweets from well-known government officials. Officials that violate its policies on abuse, harassment, and violent threats.

    President Donald Trump has used his Twitter account to threaten nuclear war with North Korea, share a video depicting violence against a media organization, and retweet misinformation directed at Muslims.

    The Twitter spokesperson said the change is not inspired by any specific world leader.

    However, it will apply only to tweets from verified accounts of government officials.

    Or candidates for public office with more than 100,000 followers.

    No need to point fingers Twitter, we all know this happened because of Trump! And if it was my say so, I would say Trump bleeds red like the rest of us. If he violates Twitter’s rules, take his account down.

    How do you feel about this situation? Leave your comments below!

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    Photo Credit: Pacific Standard


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