Twitter Bashes Nicki Minaj’s Outfit

Twitter Bashes Nicki Minaj

Words: Clark Jones, Hypefresh, Inc.

It looks like Lil’ Kim is to be CC’d on this one.

Taking to Twitter, I praised Nicki Minaj’s latest outfit reveal from the Haider Ackermann Autumn/Winter 2017 collection during Paris Fashion Week.

Honestly, this outfit is pretty damn dope. I thought it was creative, and different, (especially being a guy and seeing a full tit out). But besides that detail, stunning is the way i’d call it.

Immediately, the Twitter community jumped on it, referencing Nicki’s “plagiarized” style from the Queen Bee, Lil’ Kim. No one gave any praise whatsoever. See the tweets below.

Then I remembered, Nicki Minaj’s biggest challenge in her career was none other than Lil’ Kim herself.

Many claim Nicki Minaj “carbon copied” Kim’s style completely, adding no flavor to it, yet never crediting her timeless creativity.

Though I still feel Minaj looks great in the outfit, maybe i’ll be alone in my opinion granted the inevitable facts.

However, Minaj did get one comment on Twitter, which I found to be drop dead hilarious:

That is an entirely different discussion in itself.


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