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    Tupac’s Brother Speaks Out Against Trump on His Behalf

    The Shakur family won’t be silenced 

    Tupac’s step brother, Mopreme Shakur wasn’t a fan of the Trump campaign’s effort to troll his brother. They jokingly said Tupac was invited to an upcoming event.

    Trump’s campaign was poking fun at Vice Presidential Nominee Kamala Harris’ reference to Tupac. She named him as the best rapper alive in her eyes. Then Harris giggled and later corrected her mistake. 

    First of all, Shakur did not find Trump’s campaign jabs and respects Kamala. He claims her Oakland, Ca. roots are the reason for her good taste in music. 

    Shakur is not phased 

    Secondly, Shakur is not surprised because Trump shows little respect for the Black and Brown community.

    Trump openly talks about the reason for law and order. Society expects Blacks  to respect the police. There is no mention of police respecting the communities they serve.

    Shakur makes several requests 

    Mopreme’s dad, Mutulu Shakur is currently serving his 60-year sentence. In 1988, he was arrested for RICO conspiracy in addition to bank robbery charges.

    Shakur is asking for Trump to give his case some attention. Mutulu was denied parole 8 times in the past. Nonetheless, Shakur is unsure what Trump’s response will be, but decided to try anyway.

    Lastly, Tupac’s voice lives on. When Tupac was alive he often spoke about the power Black people have. A voice is only good if people use it for good. Minorities must take back their power by allowing their voices to be silenced or completely robbed.

    With his California love, Shakur sends a clear message. It is important for people to get out and vote.

    Get up, stand up, and exercise that right.


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