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    Tupac Debate Turns To An Ass-whooping & Jail

    For over a decade, the classic argument has been about Tupac or Biggie being better. However, the verbal debate turned physical quickly.

    The classic barbershop debates always put two of the best at different ends. We’ve heard endless comparisons of Jordan and LeBron. In addition, we’ve heard Kendrick and J.Cole, thrown into debates. Above all, at the end of these heated discussions, people walk away. Unfortunately, this debate surrounding Tupac this time around the debate ended with someone getting an ass-whooping.

    Two men from Clearwater Florida, engaged in a debate regarding the legacy of the late West Coast rapper Tupac. Furthermore, what started out as a friendly argument turned to the two drunken men squaring up. The 35-year-old Thomas Statkiewicz took matters into his own hands regarding the argument. He literally gave the participant an ass-whooping to remember. Because of prior offenses, Statkiewicz was arrested on felony battery charges.

    The victim from the brutal assault ended up with a broken nose, and a gash over his eye. Hopefully, cooler heads prevail in the future over debates like these. Most recently Tupac’s Estate was awarded with enough new music to create two new albums. Above all, Tupac’s old love letters auctioned for $15K. Tupac still gets respect to this day.

    In conclusion, do think the aggressor deserves jail time? Should the victim press charges? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

    Featured image credit: Ron Galella/WireImage

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