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    Trump Uses Military Force To Clear Peaceful Protestors

    Donald Trump Continues to Set the Wrong Example

    Protests against police brutality have broken out all across the United States within the past few days. The outrage has come to a boiling point, and people feel their voices need to be heard now. This makes sense and definitely needs to happen. Unfortunately, Donald Trump has stayed true to himself and reacted terribly to the situation.

    Instead of making attempts to calm and unite the nation, he has chosen to go against the protestors. This includes unnecessary use of police brutality and military force. Just yesterday Trump had National Guard troops and police officers clearout peaceful protests using harsh tactics.

    Trump Unnecessarily Uses Military Force

    During the protests in Washington D.C. yesterday there were large groups of peaceful protestors between St. John’s Church and Lafayette Park. Apparently this got in the way of Trump’s plan and perceived image of himself that he wants to create. In order to get a church photo-op at St. John’s, Trump had the National Guard troops and cops shooting out tear gas and forcefully pushing people away. Check out the video below to see for yourself.

    I mean come on. How absurd is it that we have really gotten to this point? Our President is really willing to put people at risk like that, for a church photo-op. That is pretty disturbing to witness. It is unfortunate to see people getting hurt during the fight against racial injustice. One would hope that our President would help guide people in the right direction.

    Whereas former President, Barack Obama, has taken his platform to voice ways that could help the situation. Check out his Twitter for suggestions of actual ways to make change happen. This includes discussing what branches of government will lead to actual progress among other things.

    Final Thoughts

    The time for change is now. No longer can our nation foster such racism and brutality. People’s voices must be heard, but unfortunately, our current President is only making things more difficult. Having a discussion about the most effective means of protesting is definitely valid. But to simply deny people the right to protest through violent means is a whole other story and very messed up.

    Hopefully, we can see the unnecessary use of police brutality and military violence stopped.  It is hard to say what the best solution is right now, but I believe getting Donald Trump out of office is a good start. Go out there, have your voice be heard, donate your time or money to important causes if you’re able to, and demand change now.

    What do you guys have to say though?

    Are you surprised by Donald Trump’s unnecessary use of military force for a simple photo-op? What are your thoughts on the protesting so far? And what are some concrete steps that can possibly be taken in order to lead to actual change?


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