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    Trump Says Black Lives Matter Is “Symbol Of Hate”

    Donald Trump said that Black Lives Matter is a “Symbol Of Hate” in response to changes on 5th Avenue.

    President Trump said that Black Lives Matter is a symbol of hate today, as he continues to use race to divide the country. Despite recent polls suggesting citizens are disapproving of Trump’s race relations tactics.

    Donald Trump is currently running the most racist and bigoted campaign in American History. The president continues to spread hate and separation as the nation struggles to deal with racial tensions.

    Via Twitter 45 has been posting varying degrees of divisive material. Just last week, Trump tweeted an offensive video that proves who he is pandering too. Now, as states across the country are considering removing statues and monuments of racist. The President of the United States is trying steady fighting to “make America great again.”

    The president’s response to the Black Lives Matter protest and movements are disheartening but beneficial. Like it or not, where we are today is a result of Donald J Trump becoming president. Due to his strategies and commitment to old-time America. The country has been forced to deal with the racism issue that has been boiling under the surface.

    American citizens now know like never before that racism never went away; it just was hiding. We can thank Trump for making racist think it was ok to show their true colors.


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