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    Trump Retweets Video that Shows Just How Horrible He Really Is

    Over the weekend, a protest took place in St. Louis, MO. The goal of this march was to have Mayor Lyda Krewson resign. During this time, many were walking towards her residence in protest. Since, the Black Lives Matter protests began, Mayor Krewson has played a controversial role in St. Louis. The protesters chanted “Resign Lyda, take the cops with you.” However, a recent video has been shown of a white couple pointing guns at the protestors marching. This act of pure racism is disgusting to see. The couple were shouting inappropriate things to the protestors while pointing their guns around at people carelessly. The protestors encouraged each other just to ignore the racist couple and keep moving forward.

    The video went viral as thousands of people shared it via social media. The video circulated and people were just appalled at the scene. However, on Monday morning, Trump happened to retweet the video. This wasn’t such a shock to the world as the US President also retweeted a video of Trump supporters yelling “White Power!” to Black Lives Matter Protestors not too long before this. The video of the racist couple is terrifying to begin with, but to have our president support that racist behavior by retweeting the video is absolutely vile. All this being said, make sure to participate in the upcoming election by voting!


    In the past couple days, the hashtag #TrumpIsARacist has been trending on Twitter in light of his retweets. 


    The video of the couple can be seen here: 


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