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    Trump Still On That Bullshit About Building Mexican-American Border

    Hell hath no fury as President Trump scorned.

    Today has officially marked two weeks since the shutdown of the government. The unexpected decision has caused many people to be suspended indefinitely from their work posts without any guarantee of when they may be able to work again.

    Amid the bad news, CNN has just released footage of President Trump boldly speaking of his plans to carry on with building the Mexican-American border. Only this time he admitted that he is willing to use emergency powers, such as declaring a national state of emergency, to get his project completed. This news also comes after D0nald Trump’s beef with Direct TV and UFC. 

    I don’t know about you…but this sh!* sounds like something straight out of George Orwell’s classic, 1984.

    Just earlier last year, Trump stated that he would force Mexican authorities to pay for the border. He later stated that American’s hard earned tax dollars would fund his discriminatory tactics. In late December, he ignorantly compared that the wall is just as necessary as the Obama’s personal home wall.

    This news just affirms that it is our duty to stay informed. If anything unjust comes to pass, the ultimate power lies in our hands to reap some due diligence.

    Take a look at the clip down below for what Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has to say about the situation, and for more controversial news, be sure to keep it locked on!


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