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    Trump, Your Commander-In-Chief Is An Idiot..Shutdown Looming

    With all due respect, you’re an idiot!!!

    Trump will go down as the most corrupt President to ever serve this nation.

    As the White House office continues to announce resignations of vital positions, it leads us to believe that Trump has very little knowledge of being a leader.

    CNN and other major news outlets have continued to report on Trump‘s inability to lead, and get along with fellow political leaders.

    In addition, a $5 billion dollars will need to be approved to build a boarder wall. The wall will keep out illegal immigrants from entering the Country.

    Both political parties have come together with different proposals to avoid a Government shutdown that will take place at Midnight if our Nation’s leader fails to sign off on.

    Donald has no intentions of stopping the shutdown. In addition, the shutdown will cause close to 1 million government workers without pay if the wall funding. Furthermore, it has been made clear that the Senate will not pass the bill for funding the “Trump Wall”.

    A retired veteran is starting a  Go Fund Me campaign that will help fund Trump’s wall.  At the moment, the campaign has raised a whopping $7 million, within 48 hours.

    It’s clear that the chaos will continue after Trump announced that his Defense Secretary would be resigning from his position come February 2019. In conclusion, we’re surely not prepared to handle what comes next, and eventually, Trump will be stopped.

    Either way, Trump is an idiot and proves it every time he opens his mouth.

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