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    Trump Headed To Florida As COVID-19 Cases Surge

    President Trump is in Dade-county Florida today as the county reports over 30% positivity rates.

    On the same day that President Trump is set to visit, the state of Florida had Dade-county report high amounts of COVID-19 cases. As the entire country battles increasing numbers of the virus, Florida is standing out for the wrong reasons.

    Talks about opening up the country are tearing the country apart, as fans of both sides argue their points. However, the people arguing to open up are taking a big hit as Coronavirus numbers keep going up.

    Over 60,000 cases of the virus new case across the country, and Dade county Florida had a huge role in that increase. Due to the fact, The positivity rate in the county was as high as 33.5 percent. Ironically the president who has caught so much backlash on his poor handling of this pandemic is on his way to Dade.

    Additionally, basketball fans may want to take note of the happenings in Florida. The NBA is in Disney preparing to re-start its season. Furthermore,  a few players have already chosen not to participate due to COVID-19 risk, but players haven’t had a chance to respond to the latest news.

    Even more, talks of opening Disneyworld are still happening even though the virus is clearly still not under control.  Mayor Ron Dasentis is having a press conference to address the numbers.

    What do you guys think of President Trump heading to Dade-county as COVID-19 numbers are soaring in Florida ?

    Lastly, let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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