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    Triple Redd Announces His Deluxe Album “NEON SHARK VS PEGASUS”

    Right and left artist have released a whole discography of new music. Artists have plenty to say, given all the chaos that took place last year. In some cases, they release the same album twice, just to make sure audiences are listening.

    Rapper Trippie Redd has made some major hits in the last few years. The Canton, Ohio rapper has already released a successful mixtape and a handful of studio albums. His biggest songs like “Excitement” and “I Got You” have led to the rapper’s notoriety. Now the star plans to come out with a new deluxe album Neon Shark vs. Peagsus. Not once but twice, the rap star plans to make the #1 spot on the Billboard Charts.

                Trippie Redd’s Rise To Fame

    deluxe album
    via NME

    Michael Lamar White IV aka Trippie Redd, has made quite the name for himself in the rap scene. The self-professed workaholic debuted several tracks on the top 5 of the Billboard 200 Chart. He’s even a platinum selling artist. Additionally, he sings, raps and writes his own lyrics. Now he’s gearing up to release his deluxe album. It may seem like the Soundcloud rapper had his entire rap career handed to him on silver platter. In reality, he started at the bottom.

    Trippie started spitting bars as a teenager “living in a basement with roaches recording music,” as he’s once stated. Despite living in his cousin’s basement, music was the rappers only peace of mind. Much of his artistry stems from listening to hip-hop icons like Tupac Shakur, Nas, and Jay-Z. The 21-year-old also drew influences from rock acts like Slipknot and Rob Zombie. Lil Wayne’s free-flowing style and inventive lyricism also heavily influences Trippie’s unique rap style. To perfect his rap flow, though, the 21-year-old later relocated to Atlanta. Shortly after the big move, he landed a record deal with 10K Projects. His hard work finally paid off in the end.

                        The Death Of Trippie’s Brother

    deluxe album
    via Chicago Tribune

    Trippie Redd drew inspiration from some of the biggest rappers and rockers in history. Though, his dream to make it into showbiz as a rapper didn’t come from just mimicking other talents. His passion for rapping started after his older brother died in a car accident. At the time, Trippie had been 10-years-old. From then on, the emcee made it his responsibility to live out his brothers dream. “I took his dream and did it myself,” Trippie said once in an interview. Just like Trippie Redd, his older sibling had dreams of becoming a rapper. He often went by the rapper alias Dirty Redd. The two brothers certainly had an affinity for rap, and apparently, the color red.

                          Trippie Redd’s Deluxe Album

    deluxe album
    via Discotech

    Trippie Redd didn’t have the best start to his music career. He shared a basement with his cousin and had to cope with his brother’s death at an early age. Despite all the hardships the rapper endured, he’s come out on top.

    With several hits under his belt, there’s no doubt that Trippie Redd’s new deluxe album won’t make the charts. The 21-year-old always keeps his music fresh. He’s considered one of the most versatile and creatively daring artists in hip-hop today. The platinum-selling artist has continued to challenge the status quo with his music. Fans mostly recognize Trippie Redd’s style as intertwining his melodic rap flow with elements of rock-n-roll and heavy metal. In his upcoming deluxe album Neon Shark vs. Peagsus, Redd will fully commit to his love for the Rock scene. Guess we can expect to hear slew of rock ballads on the new album. After checking out the tracklist of songs expected to appear on the album, Triple Redd’s deluxe will definitely yield a major win for the rapper. Maybe even a Grammy.


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