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    Trina Celebrates The 21-Anniversary Of Her Debut Album

    Female rapper Trina certainly left her mark on the HipHop community. She’s considered one of the most influential female emcees of her time. Not to mention, she’s one of the founding mothers of rap who ushered in an era of female sexuality and poweress. Many artists of today like the City Girls look up to her. By being such a role model and inspiration to many, Trina decided to celebrate her own success. The female rapper recently celebrated the 21-anniversary of her debut album “Da Baddest B***H” in Atlanta. By the looks of it, she certainly had a good time at the party.

                        Trina Celebrates Her Success

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    Celebrating our biggest achievements in life makes life worth our wild. Rapper Trina celebrated the 21-anniversary of her debut album “Da Baddest B***H” from March 2000. The 42-year-old threw herself an all-exclusive private party at TW Events Luxury Venue in Tucker, Georgia this past weekend. The “Pull Over” rapper became a showstopper at the high-profile party, showing up in a shimmery, skin-tight dress.

    Not only did she take plenty of pictures, but she also posed with many of her famous friends. Her party’s guest list included stars like Trick Daddy, Pleasure P, Coach Stormy, and Young Joc. Trina even invited Love & HipHop Atlanta stars Spice and Bobby. That’s a pretty elite guest list.

    The party certainly caused quite the buzz around town. Even Essence Magazine wanted in on Trina’s all-exclusive album party. The 42-year-old spoke with the publication during her celebration, gushing over how fans still admire her music. “Sometimes it’s like ‘wow. To actually know that it’s been 20 years, and you have fans who are consistently supporting you, following your performances, and continuing to repeat your songs. It just honestly takes me away.” Trina’s music has connected with millions of fans. There’s no way she’d ever go out of style.

                               Trina’s Musical Influence

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    The fact that Trina’s fans still remember her debut album from 21 years ago, says plenty about her impact on HipHop. Trina’s music has managed to transcend over time, ushering an era of feminine power and sexuality. Music critic Brianna Young said, “Her music was about power-sexual, financial and otherwise- that doesn’t need permission, and we’re still figuring out what that looks like even to this day. She made it okay to be exactly who you are with no cue cards.” Fans everywhere celebrated Trina’s debut album’s 21-anniversary just as much as she did.


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