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    Trina Admits To Being “Just Friends” With Tory Lanez

    Hip hop royalty Trina has been having a ball in the spotlight. As of late, the Diamond Princess has released new music and even applauded new female emcees such as City Girls. Though, the Florida rapper has also made headlines for other reasons as well. For a while now, many have speculated that Trina and Tory Lanez dated. During a recent interview, however, Trina claims the rumors aren’t true at all. In fact, she claims she and Tory Lanez are just friends.

    Trina Keeps Tory Lanez At Arm’s Length

    The news surrounding Tory Lanez’s verdict may be dying down, however, he’s not out of the woods yet. In fact, many fans have turned their attention to his relationship status with Trina. There’s speculation that the two have dated before. Though, during a recent interview on Caresha Please, Trina makes it clear they’re nothing more than just friends.

    Last week, Trina revealed to City Girls’ Yung Miami that she met Tory Lanez at a “weird time in her life.” Furthermore, she just got out of a bad relationship with French Montana. The star focused all of her energy into music. More importantly, she met Lanez during a recording session once. Initially, the two bonded over music. 

    Though, their friendship deepened after Trina learned that “Lanez was actually the artist whose vocals her team wanted to replace on a reference track” she had received from a producer. At the time, Lanez was a new artist on the HipHop scene. Even so, Trina still loved his voice nonetheless.

    Later on, the two ended up collaborating on two of her tracks, the 2014 “F**k Love” and 2017 “Damn.” Though Lanez wasn’t forward with his affections for Trina, he was through their music. However, Trina made sure to keep him at arm’s length. After his case against Megan Thee Stallion, we’re pretty sure the two aren’t close anymore.

    Her 2014 Track Wasn’t About French Montana

    The end of a relationship takes time to heal from. Even though Trina admits that she’d been in a very vulnerable place after breaking things off with French Montana, she refused to write a song about him. Additionally, she clarified that the 2014 track “F**k Love” had nothing to do with French Montana. Though, there are references throughout the song that say otherwise. Nonetheless, Trina has had relationships–whether romantic or platonic–with some of the most controversial men in the hip hop industry.


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