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    Trillest Entertainment Continues to Dominate the Music Industry


    Born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, Anthony has always set his sights on achieving his dreams. Coming from nothing to being the first in his family to graduate college, and now to being the CEO of a digital empire is one hell of an accomplishment.

    “Anything that I wanted to do, I made it a personal goal to do it,” said Anthony.

    After graduating, Anthony traveled over the world to learn more about the ins and outs of the business.

    “Learning all about the east coast and west coast is one thing, but traveling to all of these places, living there, having your ear to the streets, you learn much more than anything you can find online,” said Anthony.

    Anthony has fulfilled his dreams and made them a reality. HipHop artists that he once listened to growing up, are now under his company, Trillest Entertainment. Trillest Entertainment represents some of the biggest hip-hop artists in the industry.

    Creating Your Own Destiny

    “You create your own destiny.”

    That is exactly what the business mogul did. Trillest Entertainment is looked at as one of the world’s most recognized and trusted PR companies. Anthony has a bigger and better picture for Trillest Entertainment overall, as he plans to start and launch a magazine and clothing company under the company name.

    Anthony takes pride in his companies’ reputation, stating: In this industry, reputation is everything. If you Google us you won’t find a bad review or complaint. There is not too many businesses that can say that.”

    What’s Next

    As Trillest Entertainment continues to grow, Anthony is never satisfied. He believes there is always room for growth, and that is what Trillest Entertainment will continue to do, even after reaching the top of the industry.

    To stay up to date with Trillest Entertainment follow them on Instagram @TrillestEnt and check out their website

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