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    Trick Daddy Response to Mug Shot Memes

    Trick Daddy ain’t worried about yall!!!

    As we know, Florida rapper trick daddy is social media’s latest meme. This past weekend, Trick Daddy was arrested in Miami for a DUI and possession of cocaine. Hence, as soon as Tricks’ mug shot was released, people automatically focus on his thinning hair and dark scalp, which is an outcome when you have lupus. As a result of the mug shot, people started to photoshop hairstyles on Trick Daddy to cover up the effects of his lupus (original mug shot and memes are below).

    Therefore, due to the popularity of the meme and because people are laughing at Trick’s battle with lupus; The Miami rapper went on Facebook and had this to say. “Let me get this right…you lie on me..make fun of the fact that I have lupus…and all this just for the likes, ..Thank god I’m strong. Everything is funny until it hits close to feelings don’t hurt easily. I’m too worried about waking up tomorrow.”

    (Picture of Trick Daddies Mug shot)

    Trick Daddy Response to Mug-1

    (Meme of the mug shot)

    Trick Daddy Response to Mug-1

    (Meme of the mug shot)

    Trick Daddy publically announce that he had lupus back in 2009. He also stated in his 2015, The Breakfast Club interview, that he takes cocaine and weed to help him with his battle against lupus. “When I smoke weed and coke, the worst thing that’s gonna happen to me is I’m going to sleep or eat,” he said. “If I take Lupus medicine, I gotta take a pill for this pill, a pill for that pill … then I gotta go back to the doctor every Thursday and give them my money.”

    Does Trick have a point? Should people on social media be cautious of what they make fun of? Or is Trick taking the joke too seriously and should enjoy the shine?

    Let us know in the comments below and check out our other articles on Hypefresh.

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