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    Trick Daddy Gets Served By Beyhive

    Being a celebrity can either work in someone’s favor or against them. Celebrities always have an army of fans ready to defend them, and sometimes things can get crazy. Long time rapper Trick Daddy, unfortunately, made the mistake of calling out Beyonce and Jay-Z on a leaked Clubhouse conversation. Now the rapper has received major backlash from Beyonce’s Beyhives. In other words, he got served by Queen Bey’s fanbase. When you come for Beyonce, you’d better be ready for her swarm of bees. They’re very protective of the superstar.

                Trick Daddy Talks Smack About Beyonce & Her Husband

    via ET Canada

    It’s becoming more commonplace for artists to take shots at other stars in the music industry. Unfortunately, talking smack will land them in hot water with fans. In worse case scenario, it’ll even lead to the destruction of their music careers. While Trick Daddy hasn’t been seen or heard of since 2004, the rapper thought it time to make a comeback. However, rather than releasing new music, he instead downplays Beyonce and Jay-Z’s artistry. Anyone with enough sense knows not to go against the Carters, especially the Queen Bey herself. Though, it appears Trick Daddy had a social media death wish.

    The 46-year-old started trending on Twitter on June 22 this past Tuesday after a leaked audio from a recent Clubhouse conversation surfaced. Furthermore, the rapper offered his rude commentary on the Carters. In particular, he took shots at Beyonce, claiming that she “doesn’t write her own music” and dared to say “she can’t sing.” Trick Daddy kept digging his grave after setting his sights on Jay-Z. The rapper stated that “he never won the greatest rapper alive” title. It looks like Trick Daddy might be out of the entertainment business for good this time.

                Trick Daddy Gets Served By Beyonce’s Swarm Of Bees

    via Urban Islandz

    Unfortunately, Trick Daddy should’ve stopped with the “unpopular opinions” when he had the chance. Better yet, he should’ve issued an apology. Right after the leaked audio made its way onto the internet, the Beyhives started buzzing. Trick Daddy got served by Beyonce’s fanbase, when Beyhives started firing comments questioning his relevancy. One fan twittered, “On clubhouse, an app as dead as Trick Daddy’s career.” Talk about harsh commentary. Guess Trick Daddy will think twice before he comes for the Queen Bey.


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