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    Trey Songz Got Himself a New Bae…and a Baby on the Way?

    Whew chile. After a picture surfaced of Trey Songz cuddled up with his new baby, Lori Harvey, so did another picture. 

    It’s rumored that Trey Songz was messing around with an adult actress, named Brittney Jones, before he and Harvey made things official. What’s more interesting is, now it seems as if a fourth person may be added to the messy love triangle. Jones is claiming that she’s pregnant with Trey Songz’s baby.

    Jones uploaded a picture of a sonogram, leading people to assume that the picture of the fetus belongs to TS. She even added a picture of some prenatal vitamins to let people know she was serious about continuing with the pregnancy.

    Apparently, Songz and Jones had a hot and kinky relationship. According to HotNewHipHop, Jones said the two came together because Songz couldn’t find anyone to satisfy his kinky desires the way he craved. From there, the two got close.

    However, fans of Songz aren’t believing her just yet. Some are saying the sonogram flick is fake, and that she paid an app to create it for her. Jones fired back, discrediting fans attempt to call her a liar.

    Looks like we have nine months to crack the truth.

    But, while we wait, who do you believe? Trey Songz’s fans, or Brittney Jones? Drop a comment below and keep visiting for more gossip news!


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