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    Trevor Noah Crucifies Kanye West For Latest Comments

    Trevor Noah isn’t Feeling Kanye West’s criticism of other rappers on their lyric choices!!

    Daily Show host Trevor Noah had some very harsh words to say about Kanye West.

    Kanye West who just debuted his Jesus is King album has been in the news a lot lately. The Rapper was on Big Boy TV with Radio Personality Big Boy when he made comments about other rappers.


    When talking about the culture the Chicago native pointed a finger at rap music and how negative it is. He Remarked,  how rap is “focused on f—–g somebody else’s b—- and pulling up in a foreign [car] and rapping about things that can get you locked up.”

    Noah Thought these remarks were hypocritical coming from West and referred to some of the rappers earlier lyrics. The talk show host said he didn’t completely disagree with the rapper.  He just felt Ye wasn’t in a position to criticize others.  After rapping things like ‘You’re such a f—–g ho, I love it?’.


    Even More, In the interview, Kanye further went on to talk about the politics of the black community.  Stating that Blacks are “Brainwashed” by the Democratic Party.

    Obviously, Noah took special offense to such comments. He felt the rapper was trying to say he was the only enlighted person out of millions of African Americans. Thus Noah laid out the flaws of the two-party system by stating.

    “What is more likely? The fact that these people are brainwashed, or the fact that, in America, you have to vote for the system that gives you the best chance?

    Noah took time out to point to how strong the black woman is when it comes to politics.

    Noah Made this Statement “You know who doesn’t mess around with their votes in America? Black women. They don’t. They do not. And I refuse to live in a world where I go, ‘Black women have been brainwashed.’ No, I don’t think black women in America have been — or can be — brainwashed. I think, if anything, black women in America have the least leeway when it comes to messing around with their vote,”

    When people as enigmatic as Kanye Speak it easy to miss when they make valid points. The History of the Democratic Party in the black community is one that is filled with corruption, abuse, and lack of oversight. While they can be credited with keeping programs alive that help many low income African American families survive. One has to question whether or not the party wants to see African Americans Thrive.

    Research shows that wealth is built through entrepreneurship, innovation, and invention. Not through government-funded programs that only seem to keep things as status quo.

    However, Trevor Noah already pointed out the biggest flaw in politics and its not the Democratic Party. The problem is a two-party system in which Citizens are forced to choose a lesser of evils. During a time when the Slogan “Make America Great Again” is popular all American citizens should ask themselves when was America Truly great.

    There may be different opinions about the answer to that question. Yet if you truly love America one fact is clear, This great country is far from as Great as it can be. For that to happen, American Citizens of all colors, sizes, and ethnicities need to take a more active role in the Politics that affect us all.

    For America to be its greatest we truly need a government that is for the people, by the people.

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