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    Travy Nostra Gets Gritty With ‘Please, Leave Me The F*ck Alone’ Mixtape

    DMV native and deep rooted emcee Travy Nostra hits the soul of the trenches with his latest LP. Composed of fifteen tracks, Nostra brings a smoothness with his vocal prowess that few budding artists can even think of possessing.

    On a plethora of diverse beats through the track listing Travy spits facts on stories of heartbreak, loyalty, brotherhood, and being a black man in America. Assisting Travy on his latest efforts are features from Unlvcky Nas, Ahksxma, ShuggaDaTrappa, G-30, and Santana Fashitsho.

    The pure ambiance of overcoming struggle to find more peace of mind sticks out as a main theme of this body of work along with handling the long term effects that the overcoming obstacles can have on your mental health. Nostra is bold and not afraid to tackle these issues head on.

    Matter in fact he encourages it but still, as the title bluntly suggests, leave him along while he does so. You can check out his latest via Spotify below.



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