Travis Scott Breaks Down How He Got A Collab With Justin Bieber

Travis Scott and Justin Bieber

In light of Travis Scott’s new album Rodeo, Scott told Billboard how his collaboration with Justin Bieber on “Maria I’m Drunk” came to be.

“It was Bieber, though, who personally reached out to Scott about working together. The singer, vacationing in Hawaii at the time, FaceTimed the rapper to let him know he was itching to collaborate. Scott says he instantly knew “Maria I’m Drunk,”Scott sent Bieber the track, and “he called me the next day like ‘Yo, come up to the studio,'” the rapper recalls. “As soon as I got to the studio he played it for me. He already had [his rap verse on it] done. That shit was fucking crazy. I went back in and produced over it. That shit’s so pure!”” via Billboard.

Scott went on to even say that the track “Drugs You Should Try It” from Days Before Rodeo was inspired by Bieber’s “All That Matters.”


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