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    Travis Scott And Meek Mill Engage In “Loud Argument” At All White Party

    Hollywood may be the place of stars, fame and fortune. Though, that doesn’t mean everyone gets along. In fact, some stars engage in petty social media feuds. Sometimes the online bickering, though, escalates and turns into an in-person altercation. Of course, fights never end well for anyone. Unfortunately, Meek Mill and Travis Scott had a verbal altercation at an all-white party in the Hamptons on the 4th of July. In particular, Meek Mill has been known to engage in a petty fight with a rapper or two via social media. He’s even fought several emcees in person. Some stars just can’t stay out of trouble.

                The Rappers Fight At The All-White Party

    all white party
    via Daily Mail

    Celebrity feuds don’t end well for either party. Meek Mill and Travis Scott’s verbal altercation at an all-white party certainly left a sour taste in everyone’s mouth. Not only did the rappers ruin everyone’s 4th of July but they ended the party early for everyone.

    Page Six reported that Travis Scott and Meek Mill fought at 1:30am. Video footage of their altercation has been shared by Rap Alert’s Instagram account as well as others. Sources note that the two engaged in a “loud verbal argument” that made everyone take notice. Afterwards, the fight ended between the two when they “were led away from each other.” Unfortunately, sources don’t indicate what exactly lead to the fight or the verbal exchange shared between them. Though, given the video footage, their fight turned serious. It’s a shame the party had to end over a petty fight between them.

                           Who All Attended The Party

    all white party
    via CitiMuzik

    The all-white party may have ended on a bad note. Fortunately, the attendees made the Hampton’s party seem like a million bucks. Furthermore, Philadelphia’s 76er’s Michael Rubin hosted the all-white party. Several big names attended the event such as Beyonce and Jay-Z, Bon Jovi, Alex Rodriguez, Yo Gotti, Lil Uzi Vert and Robert Craft. Clearly, the all-white party had plenty of stars in attendance. Unfortunately, it had to close upon Travis Scott and Meek Mill’s petty altercation.


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