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    Travis Scott and Kid Cudi Drop New Track “The Scotts”

    “The Scotts” New Song by Travis Scott and Kid Cudi

    Travis Scott and Kid Cudi, whose real name is Scott Mescudi, just dropped a new song titled “The Scotts”. The track features a hype futuristic beat that is typical for Travis Scott. To no one’s surprise, both of the artists are able to deliver in terms of quality content with this song as per usual. Check out the Fornite theme music video below

    I don’t play Fortnite or really pay attention to what’s going on with it, so I was a bit throw off when I saw that “The Scotts” premiered during Travis Scott’s special Fortnite concert this past weekend. After hearing about what the event entailed though, it actually seemed like it was a cool idea.

    “The Scotts” Premiered on Fortnite

    The event featured five 10-minute sets throughout the weekend, where players could explore a map based on the cover art of Scott’s last album, Astroworld, as his music was being performed. One could even have their character fly or swim throughout psychedelics areas across the map.

    Travis Scott and Kid Cudi Drop New Track

    Even though I don’t usually play Fortnite, the Travis Scott concert on there this past weekend seems like it could have been worth looking into. A lot of people have been stuck inside recently, so it’s nice to see artists and organizations coming up with different ways to produce creative entertainment.

    Final Thoughts

    This is not the first time that the Scotts have collaborated. Travis Scott and Kid Cudi collaborated on the song “Through The Late Night” back in 2016. That song slapped and their latest track seems to be no different, so hopefully, this will not be the last time that the pair drops a hit.

    What do you guys think though?

    Are you a fan of the latest collab by the Scotts? What were your thoughts on the way that the song premiered/ the Fortnite concert in general? And what are some of your other favorite songs by these artists?


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