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    Travis Scott’s $1.7 Million Show Adds His To A Special Group

    Travis Scott has become a top tier artist in the world of entertainment. This is after one show took in $1.7 Million.

    Astroworld is arguably the best albums to be released in 2018. At the moment Scott is experiencing the best time of his career following the stellar album. Outside of nearly getting mobbed for postponing in Tulsa, the star is racking in money. The Houston artist sold more than 16,300 tickets. The particular show he ended up making $1.7 million overall. He now joins a small list of artist who has sold out on multiple shows in a 12-month period at the Forum. The list includes Garth Brooks, Michael Jackson, Sting, Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson, The Grateful Dead, and Juan Gabriel.

    Travis Scott $1.7 Million

    Careerwise Scott is on top of the world. In contrast, when it comes to his relationship, he’s currently on shaky grounds. Several outlets previously reported that Scott was caught shoving dick in other women. The Houston native went to the extent of deleting his InstagramPerhaps he can save the relationship through Marriage Vows. Kylie Jenner has come forward and defended her man regarding cheating rumors.

    Scott sat down with Nas in the Playboy magazine. Hence, the rapper addressed the new age of artists.

     “We came up on iPhones, you know what I mean? We’re at a point now where we don’t even write our raps down. We’re just going straight off the dome in the booth. I know from people I work with, like Young Thug and Quavo, most everyone likes going in and just laying down whatever’s on their minds”

    Nas also gave his feedback regarding the topic of the music industry. This is what he shared:

    “When hip-hop started out, you only had a top five,” Nas said. “You had a short list of dope rappers, from Ice Cube to Slick Rick. You could count them on your fingers. Hip-hop is such a big thing now that everybody’s jumping in on it. There are so many different styles that by the time you do the thing that you do, this dude over here done started a whole new way. You got to stay on top of what’s going on just for the love of music.”

    Is Travis Scott $1.7 Million man from here on out? What is Scott’s next move? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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