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Transgender Woman Plans On Suing Harvard Business School For Sexual Assault & Discrimination

Harvard University has been a prestigious institute for several decades. Now it may be facing it’s first official blemish on its record.

A transgender woman is in the process of suing Harvard University for some serious accusations. Overall, the person in question claims that they were sexually assault took place by an admissions officer. After that, an official complaint filing took place regarding the inappropriate action. Above all, the victim is taking matters into her own hand.

Harvard Business

In addition, court documents reflect that the claimant is Jane Doe. Above all, the person in question was attending an LGBTQ open house event at Harvard Business School. The event took place back in 2017, where a male admissions officer was kissing her. Furthermore, the women did not consent in any way.

“Plaintiff was shocked, confused, scared, and overwhelmed by the advance,” the lawsuit states. “She felt vulnerable as an applicant to the university having been so brazenly assaulted by an admission officer at a sanctioned admissions event.”

The issue became bigger once the University decided not to investigate the incident. Directly after, coincidentally the admission office denied her application. Harvard is claiming that the incident has nothing to do with rejection. Plenty of speculation left many people doubting that is the case.

“Harvard alleged Plaintiff was not a competitive applicant based on her academic record, test scores, work history, and personal statements,” according to court documents. “However, Harvard’s position statement did not substantively address or respond to (the) October 2017 assault. Harvard additionally provided no response or information as to why those incidents were not investigated other than to blatantly deny they occurred.”

In conclusion, do you think that the woman has a valid case? Did Harvard Business really discriminate?  Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to


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