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U.S. Supreme Court Passes Ban to Prevent Transgenders in the Military


On Tuesday, President Donald Trump proposed a new ban, and the Supreme Court agreed.

The Supreme Court has agreed with Trump to ban most transgender troops from the military. The decision is worrying for many transgender troops who are currently on active duty. Just weeks ago, the White House was looking to ban transgender troops. Now, it’s official.

For some already serving, it makes them feel uneasy and disposable. “Transgender soldiers are waking up and seeing this nation is going to turn their backs on them, and that is a difficult thing to swallow,” said one soldier.

Trump believes that transgender people will cause a disruption in the daily operations of the military. He says that trans men and women will leave the military “burdened with medical costs and disruption.” In 2017, Trump overturned the decision of the former President of the United States, Barack Obama, to allow transgender individuals to serve their country.

Protesters gather in front of the White House on July 26, 2017, in Washington, DC. – Trump announced on July 26 that transgender people may not serve “in any capacity” in the US military, citing the “tremendous medical costs and disruption” their presence would cause. (Photo by PAUL J. RICHARDS / AFP)

Obama lifted the ban in 2016, after it had been in place in for decades.

Although the U.S. Supreme Court voted 5-4, it still does not make the new ban mandatory. But, the military can inflict the rule if they want. According to BBC News, there are 8,890 active trans people actively serving in the military today.

The policy blocks “transgender persons who require or have undergone gender transition.” For it to hold steady in the years to come, the U.S. Supreme Court must hold another case.

Thoughts? Do you think transgender people should be able to serve in the military? Leave a comment below. Meanwhile, keep visiting Hypefresh for more LGBTQ news!

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