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Trae Tha Truth is a legend in his hometown of Houston, Texas. He has had an impact on the Houston music scene since the early 2000’s and is a recognizable figure in the industry thanks to his collaborations with hip-hop heavyweights. Trae also has a positive influence on his city due to his countless humanitarian efforts, which earned him his own holiday, Trae Day.

As he continues his promo tour for his upcoming album, Tha Truth Pt. 2 (available February 5th), HypeFresh’s own Jesse Lyles had a quick chat with Trae before his show in Harrisburg, VA.


Jesse: You just started on your tour. For those who haven’t gone to any of your shows, what can newcomers expect to see from you on this tour?

Trae: I think, first and foremost, the experience is something genuine and real. I’m not coming in as every show I go to I’m doing the exact same thing: Go in there rap my song, burn out, and leave. It’s more of an experience, and people actually kick with me after the shows. Sometimes they get brought to the stage. Just being there is a whole different feel.

Jesse: Along with the tour, you’re gearing up to release your new album Tha Truth Pt. 2. How will the sequel be any different from the first?

Trae: First and foremost, I can proudly say that this is better than the first. But it’s a good thing though. I believe Pt. 1 introduced you to be able to understand what I think. Pt. 2 is really gonna open the door to where you get the real picture and will actually make you feel some type of way.

Because sometimes when you are able to help people it can take them a long way and it can change things in their lives tremendously that could’ve taken a real, real ‘effed up turn.

Jesse: One of the lead singles off the album is Takers with Quentin Miller. What was it like working with the mysterious Quentin Miller since we don’t know too much about him besides all the ghostwriting accusations. So what was it like working in the studio with him?

Trae: It was cool working with him. We got in there, we knocked out like 4 or 5 joints man. It really was just vibing. It wasn’t a “let me do this record for this album” or do this for that. We were just vibing. He a cool cat, you know, working and trying to get on his stuff and come up with his music. I just support him in a whole bunch of ways with a lot of artists. With him, I get a good vibe around him.

The song itself, I felt like a lot of the album is dark, and this isn’t as dark as the album, but I felt like it felt good with it. And, you know, with the attention that I have, I wanted to still give him his own shot as his own artist. So, just doing homie stuff like I usually do.

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Jesse: A lot of people know that you have your own holiday, in your hometown honoring your humanitarian efforts. Why is it so important for you to give back to your community?

Trae: It gives me a certain feel. And I remember coming up, I didn’t really have many people coming up that I could rely on like that – you know? Because sometimes when you are able to help people it can take them a long way and it can change things in their lives tremendously that could’ve taken a real, real effed up turn.

What’s even crazier is I just seen an article that just came out a couple of days ago, they named me as one of the top 10 most charitable rappers. So, stuff like that is a blessing. But it also plants seeds for other cats who watch what I do, so they’ll try and do the exact same thing.

Jesse: Still on the topic of impact on the community, the presidential election is coming up soon. Have you been keeping up with the candidates and what are your impressions on the candidates as of now?

Trae: I haven’t really been keeping up as much, but I mean I know when it’s time I’m gonna really buckle down and really do my research. But I know I don’t give a damn about Trump. That I do know.

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