Tory Lanez Drops Album “I Told You”

Tory Lanez Drops

Tory Lanez just released his highly awaited debut studio album, “I Told You.” With 28 songs (half of which are skits), Lanez packed the project with content. Stream the album on Apple Music or Spotify.
It’s Tory’s first album after he’s dropped fifteen mixtapes in his music career. The Toronto native has maintained relevance in music through his style, which builds on the largely Toronto-led progressive R&B sound.

Lanez’s singing ability comes through on “I Told You,” where his vocals compliment the trap-influenced production. The amount of skits on the album, which cause the album’s total run time to be 80 minutes may be a turnoff for some, but they do provide an entertaining way for the album storyline to progress. Lanez’s versatility is also apparent on “I Told You”; in addition to dark tracks like the intro “I Told You/ Another One,” the album contains hit song “Luv,” a dancehall-type single that released in June and rose to popularity.


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