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    Tory Lanez Break his Silence With a New Album

    In an unexpected turn of events Tory Lanes has broken his silence amidst the Megan the Stallion shooting fiasco. Earlier this week, Tory Lanez posted a cryptic message on Instagram apologizing to fans for his silence.

    “To my fans…I’m sorry for my silence… but respectfully, I got time today. 9pm PST”

    Leaving fans in shock, the world waited in anticipation for the clock to strike nine.

    In the 17-track album, the rapper details his side of the story, while addressing the incident and fall out between him and Meg the Stallion. In the song new details continue to emerge as Lanez disses several artists and celebrities in the process including; Singer Kehlani, JoJo, Dream Doll, Masika Kalysha, and Jr. Smith.

    Tory Lanez’s Album Daystar

    The new album entitled; “Daystar” also highlights Kylie Jenner involvement that night. Torey suggests that Megan was jealous of the rapper after he was seen flirting with Jenner.

    As many can recall, Lanez was arrest in July and charged with a carrying a concealed firearm. Witnesses account to hearing gunshots fired. When law enforcement arrived, witnesses claimed a group was involved in a heated dispute inside the vehicle. Megan was later identified as the victim, which reports later revealed she had been shot in her foot.

    Support for Megan the Stallion

    Many have already begun speaking out in opposition of the rapper in addition to fans dragging him on social media.

    Basketball player, Jr.Smith shot back at the rapper calling him a clown. Other high-profile socialites spoke out in support of Megan including actress and singer Keke Palmer stating, “I just want to support Megan.” Asian Doll also clapped back on Instagram Live saying, “No one gives a fu** at the end of the day. That’s a whole midget. Like who gives a Fu**”

    What are your thoughts on Tory Lanez’s new album? Leave your comments below. Stay tuned for the latest updates on Megan the Stallion/Tory Lanez drama.


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